Celestron 52238 C70 Spotting Scope Review

Celestron C70 Spotting Scope Review

The Celestron C70 is a spotting scope that can also be used for astronomical observations. It has a 70mm objective lens and a 25-75x zoom eyepiece that can be replaced with any 1.25 inch eyepiece. The scope uses a Maksutov-Cassegrain optical design, which makes it compact, lightweight and versatile. In this review, I will summarize the features, pros and cons of the Celestron C70 spotting scope based on the information from the official website and some customer reviews .

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– Pros
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– Conclusion

Celestron C70

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The Celestron C70 spotting scope has the following features:

– **Multi-coated optics** for enhanced contrast and clarity
– **Maksutov-Cassegrain optical design** for a short focal length and a wide field of view
– **25-75x zoom eyepiece** for variable magnification and detailed views
– **Removable eyepiece** that can be replaced with any standard 1.25 inch eyepiece
– **45-degree angled eyepiece** for comfortable viewing in different positions
– **Built-in T-adapter** for attaching a camera or a smartphone adapter
– **Soft carrying case** for easy transport and storage
– **Tabletop tripod** for stable support


The Celestron C70 spotting scope has the following advantages:

– **Affordable price** for a spotting scope that can also be used for astronomy
– **Good optical quality** with no chromatic aberration or distortion
– **Versatile use** for both terrestrial and celestial objects
– **Easy to use** with a simple focus knob and a smooth zoom mechanism
– **Lightweight and compact** for portability and convenience


The Celestron C70 spotting scope has the following drawbacks:

– **Not waterproof or fogproof** so it is not suitable for harsh weather conditions
– **No finderscope** so it is hard to locate objects in the sky
– **Small tripod** that is not very stable or adjustable
– **Narrow field of view** especially at high magnifications


Here are some frequently asked questions about the Celestron C70 spotting scope:

Q: How do I attach a camera or a smartphone to the scope?
A: You need to use the built-in T-adapter and a compatible T-ring or smartphone adapter. You can find these accessories on the Celestron website or other online stores.

Q: What kind of eyepieces can I use with the scope?
A: You can use any standard 1.25 inch eyepiece with the scope. However, you should avoid using eyepieces that have a focal length shorter than 10mm or longer than 40mm, as they may cause vignetting or loss of image quality.

Q: How do I use the scope for astronomy?
A: You need to align the scope with the object you want to observe using a star chart or an app. You can start with low magnification and then increase it gradually until you get the best view. You may also need to adjust the focus as you change the magnification.


The Celestron C70 spotting scope is a good choice for beginners or hobbyists who want to enjoy both terrestrial and astronomical views. It has a decent optical quality, a versatile zoom eyepiece, and a compact design. However, it is not very durable, stable, or easy to find objects in the sky. Therefore, it may not be suitable for serious or professional users who need more features and performance.